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Starter packs

Zeppelin HST Starter Packs have everything you need to enter the exciting sport of HST. Just connect to your existing snap swivels and jam on the throttle! These packages of premium components will get you in the game quickly.  Also, a great low-cost way to freshen up an existing spread.


ZEPPELIN HST LURES: Your choice of any combination of two or three lures with double hook rigs.

TROLLING SINKERS: Trolling sinkers rigged with 600# cable with AFW 450# SS snap swivel. Weight-forward design for deep trolling with a cable through brass bore for easy cable replacement. Solid brass beads to reduce cable kink at the sinker body. Sinkers are powder coated white for reduced lead strikes and safer handling due to less lead exposure.

SHOCK LEADERS: 250# pink monofilament with 450# AFW SS snap swivel and chafe tubing.

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